>Ethel Maskinonge. where does she live, a guide to your top waters for getting muskies that are giant

>Ethel Maskinonge. where does she live, a guide to your top waters for getting muskies that are giant

For people anglers who would like to get not only any muskie, however a real trophy fish, picking the best destination is more important than choosing the right appeal. In the event that you set aside all of the exciting recommendations, tactics, and tackle, the greatest fishermen regularly place themselves where in actuality the biggest seafood are. Reality check: few locations have actually 50-pound muskies. And muskie history’s shenanigans of “I’ll beat your record” have set a bar that is unreasonably high. It’s important to remember that 50-pound muskies are world-class.

You will find three demands for growing a true giant: good genetics, great forage, and wide-open spaces. A massive and diverse forage base is needed for a muskie to reach it’s full potential while muskies that possess prime genetics always grow faster and larger in any fishery. The biggest muskies originate from huge waters into the regions that are northern where muskellunge develop slower but live much longer. Despite the fact that this might be considered un-PC in today’s age, we should be gender-specific: females grow bigger and carry eggs, meaning they weigh more. In the event that ultimate objective is get the largest muskie feasible, you want to fish in late-fall, and catch a large female holding eggs, soon after she’s consumed a hearty dinner. If you’re able to achieve that in the waters I’ve down the page, it’s feasible that old Ethel might be pressing 60 pounds.

Georgian Bay

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Here is the water that is only in the list that I haven’t physically fished. We asked my friend Johnny Dadson, who’s invested their life fishing Georgian Bay, for their ideas. Here’s his take: “The Bay spans significantly more than three million acres of Canadian wilderness. Each inlet through the coast that is southeast the north channel offers its very own experience and each area has its own genotype of muskies. Read more…