Cop Rock: 21 (Mostly Negative) Songs About Police Force

Cop Rock: 21 (Mostly Negative) Songs About Police Force

1. N.W.A, « Fuck Tha Police »

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You can forget those simpler times—on the lative straight straight back of directly Outta Compton, this classic of legal-civilian relations is listed as « F___ Tha Police. » The track, by which the users of N.W.A use the witness stand to testify about mistreatment as a consequence of the L.A.P.D., inspired a mad page from the F.B.I. and U.S. Secret provider, which in turn inspired massive product sales, cementing Straight Outta Compton’s place in gangsta-rap history. While that every sounds severe, « Fuck Tha Police » is in fact a very funny, witty track, whenever you can see through the killing. Quoth Eazy-E: « with no weapon and a badge, just just what do ya got / A sucker in a uniform waitin’ to have shot. »

A fan-made movie for Fuck That Police

2. The Bottle Rockets, « Radar Gun »

The Bottle Rockets’ seminal 1995 record album The Brooklyn Side contains numerous evocative song-stories, none stronger than this quick, devastatingly funny single about a cop that is young down on a petty punishment of energy. The track pegs its subject as a dim-witted neighborhood whom never ever managed to make it past junior university, yet did good enough on his Police Exam to think about it a rite of passage (« Got me a gun and a badge / I’m a man »). Now with his « shiny new radar weapon, » he is « makin’ cash » and he’s « havin’ enjoyable » operating rate traps, presumably on all the jerks whom seemed down on him in highschool. And do not think this by-the-books officer is allowing you to down with a caution: « 43 from where I happened to be sittin’/ 30 kilometers hour is the legislation of our land. »

some people messing around with radar weapons, set to your Bottle Rockets

3. Fugazi, « Great Cop »

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This blast of power from Fugazi’s 1993 zenith, In On The Kill Taker, is small but pointed, with only a couple of words (« we try to find cables whenever i am speaking with you / You’d make a good cop »). Read more…