Dorothy Stratten had been the main focus for the goals and aspirations of three males.

Dorothy Stratten had been the main focus for the goals and aspirations of three males.

One killed her.

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by Teresa Carpenter

It really is shortly past four when you look at the afternoon and Hugh Hefner glides wordlessly to the collection of their Playboy Mansion western. He could be pajamas that are wearing looking somber in green silk. The spectacle that is incongruous of sybarite in mourning. Up to now, their profession that is public of is found in a news launch: “The loss of Dorothy Stratten comes as being a shock to all of us.… As Playboy’s Playmate of the season with a movie and a television career of increasing value, her future that is professional was bright one. But similarly sad to us would be the fact that her loss takes from all of us an extremely unique person in the Playboy household.”

That’s all. a dispassionate eulogy from what type might conclude that skip Stratten passed away inside her sleep of pneumonia. One, undoubtedly, which masked the chaos her death developed inside the Organization. Throughout the early morning after Stratten ended up being discovered nude in A west Los Angeles apartment, her face blasted away by 12-gauge buckshot, editors scrambled to pull her pictures escort in Portland through the October that is upcoming problem. It might not be done. The difficulties had been currently run. So that they pulled her ethereal image that is blond the address for the 1981 Playmate Calendar and immediately scrapped a xmas advertising featuring her posed when you look at the buff with Hefner. Other playmates, needless to say, have actually expired violently. Wilhelmina Rietveld took an overdose that is massive of in 1973. Claudia Jennings called “Queen of this B-Movies,” had been crushed to death fall that is last her Volkswagen convertible. Both caused grief and chagrin to the self-serious “family” of playmates whose aura will not admit the chance of shaving nicks and bladder infections, not to mention death. Read more…