Shortly ago I’ve stumbled across a brand new ico that might be interesting for you guys

Shortly ago I’ve stumbled across a brand new ico that might be interesting for you guys

e-Chat ICO Review

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. I t k a while investigating it l ks quite legit – the project, the team and the working product they’ve already got to offer about it and.

e-Chat is a chat that is mobile just like WhatsApp or Telegram. Its founders have released the app both on the play and application stores. The app is basically a clone of Telegram that allows you to send and receive encrypted messages across a decentralized P2P network as for today. Quite c l, but in accordance with devs that are e-Chat this really is only the start.

The team behind the project got plans that are quite amazing e-Chat. If all goes as planned, e-Chat might become the next thing that is big. I’d like to explain why by comparing it to Telegram first.

e-Chat vs. Telegram

You probably understand and possibly even use Telegram. Telegram may be the WhatsApp for folks who like privacy and decentralization. Telegram encrypts messages on both ends, enabling users to take pleasure from personal conversations without anybody spying in it.

e-Chat offers the kind that is same of by having a twist. You can say that e-Chat is Telegram having a lot of additional functionalities ( the majority of that are nevertheless under development), making it a solution that is all-in-one day-to-day tasks, when the software becomes what it really is prepared to be.

The ICO is aimed to (a) improve the funds to allow team that is e-Chat develop the app and (b) launch ECHT tokens to the public which can be essential for some of the most important e-Chat functions to the office (more on that in a little)

Some tips about what e-Chat aims to become next 12 months

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