Its been couple of years since we first reviewed the landscape of Reddit apps for iPad and iPhone.

Its been couple of years since we first reviewed the landscape of Reddit apps for iPad and iPhone.

After considerable evaluation and a lot more Redditing than is highly recommended healthy, weve concluded that Apollo for Reddit could be the choice that is premier many people. Its a thoughtfully designed, customizable, and easy-to-navigate experience that simply been able to beat down our past choose, Narwhal (though it had been such a detailed battle between the two so it nearly doesnt matter).


Reddit is a tough location to love often. Once we published the very first form of this review back April 2016, we composed about how exactly we invested years preventing the website such as the plague. While thats no further the way it is, you can still find some deep, dark corners of Reddit that will never ever look at light of time. Even yet in subreddits, its difficult to have a discussion that is innocuous without one devolving right into a Facebook-esque governmental debate or other things people feel just like arguing about.

However, you are able to continue to have a time that is great Reddit, so long as you follow two guidelines:

Rule # 1: adhere to a couple of subreddits that focus on your precise passions. The greater amount of niche, the higher. Whenever you find a residential area you like, cling to it for several its worth.

Rule number 2: make use of an incredible software to keep pace with those subreddits, and possibly perform some occasional searching elsewhere.

With this 2nd guideline at heart, had been straight back with a brand new and improved article on the reddit clients that are best for iOS.

A whole lot changed within the couple of years considering that the edition that is first of article. Two for the apps from our initial list have died, a different one had been replaced by Reddits very very own software, and weve got a couple of brand brand brand new challengers in the list — one of which includes in fact be our brand brand brand new top choose. Read more…