Our journey to microservices: mono repo vs multiple repositories

Our journey to microservices: mono repo vs multiple repositories

– By Avi Cavale on 02, 2016 june

Microservices are the hottest subject in computer software development. The idea is easy: break up the application into smaller pieces that all perform an individual company function|business that is single} and will be developed and implemented individually. These pieces, commonly called solutions, can be assembled into then a credit card applicatoin with a couple taste of solution development like nginx or consul. The microservices approach is the architecture of preference for groups that are looking to construct platforms that are scalable effortlessly and quickly innovate on it.

As infatuated when I have always been with this particular architecture, our journey to microservices had been a lengthy and winding road. This has finally led us to a version regarding the architecture that provides us the scalability and agility we need as a small business. I wish to share my ideas, experiences, and classes discovered in a number of blog sites for this topic and that means you may reap the benefits of our experiences. Additionally, i might like to get the feedback or feedback on our approach.

When you begin going to microservices, the initial concern just before compose an individual type of rule is: how will you organize your codebase? Can you produce a repository for every solution, or would you produce just one ‘mono repo’ for several services? The 2 approaches are illustrated below:

Several Repositories

We started off with all the very first approach with numerous repositories. It made more feeling for several reasons:

Clear ownership: considering that the codebase mimics the architecture, a team that is small obtain and separately develop and deploy the total stack of a microservice.

Better scale Smaller codebases are more straightforward to manage and result in less cases of « merge hell ». Read more…