Sex-Talk Realness: What It’s Like to Be Polyamorous

Sex-Talk Realness: What It’s Like to Be Polyamorous

Three people start about their polyamorous experiences.

Imagine in the event the one and just had been Glendale escort among the many? Polyamorous individuals think it is possible to love one or more person (intimately and/or romantically) at any given time.

In this week’s Sex-Talk Realness, Cosmopolitan talks with four individuals as to what it is really want to be polyamorous.

Exactly just exactly How old will you be?

Guy A: 29.

Just how long perhaps you have been polyamorous?

Lady A: Almost eight years.

Girl B: I don’t always recognize as polyamorous. I will be ready to accept poly relationships but don’t earnestly look for them away.

Guy A: a and a half year.

What made you need to take to polyamory?

Girl A: we have constantly had problems in monogamous relationships. I get bored stiff of men and women quickly and had been a dater that is serial i consequently found out that dating numerous individuals at the same time ethically ended up being a choice.

Girl B: once I was at university, we needed seriously to socially break out of built norms to actually evaluate who I happened to be. I experienced oppressed my gayness without actually knowing it as a result of my family members and community. We utilized university to begin to break these chains and redefine myself. One of several guys simply outside my social group ended up being poly and had a boyfriend that is long-distance. Read more…