FetLife Reviews. Do not waste your time that is precious on

FetLife Reviews. Do not waste your time that is precious on

FetLife, Titan no more.

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This web site long ago was once decent. Nevertheless now that it’s aged, it is showing cracks within the foundation. Your website had previously been moderated well and things kept copacetic when it comes to many component.

Now, all of the riff-riff is allowed to remain and do while they be sure to even though the social people being harassed or assaulted are penalized and blamed.

Not just that, it really is overrun with fake reports from , yet others trying to make money using simps via their onlyfans pages. No genuine discussion, just »Oh, like everything you see? PAY ME! ».

Since their credit processor problem. They ask individuals to deliver money directly, via present cards, or by cc utilizing a international processor now. But genuinely? Those things you can get for giving support to the web site, simply aren’t enough or beneficial.

It surely had been a in a state that is sad

Zero support and zero friendliness.

As a member that is new for discussion and help of like minded individuals. I happened to be belittled, humiliated and completely NOT managed with any support or respect. They must monitor the combined group monitors. A great deal judgmental females and method way too much drama for me. Read more…