The Best Jobs To Work Remotely

Accordingly, this may not be your top option if you aren’t bi or trilingual. Like Upwork, those who use this platform are also routinely let down by the level of competition. Workana is another one of the largest freelancing platforms. What really stands out about this website is that it has a large user base, and is very friendly for people who aren’t native English speakers.

I am in Toronto, Canada and we are so far behind in the concept of work from home remotely.- its extremely difficult. I promise that no one from Basecamp forced me to talk about their business book , I just found their eBook to provide great insights into working remotely. But to land an interview, your resume needs to be tailored to remote companies. For example, I worked for a company where I was the only remote employee, and onboarding was non-existent. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask about employee onboarding as a remote worker, and I ended up paying for it, I didn’t hit my goals as fast as I should have. If the company indicates that their remote onboarding process is air-tight, you’ll be set up for success.

The Remote Job Trend

is it easy to find a remote career

Online Marketing

These roles are hired by insurance companies and independent telephonic nurse companies. Work-from-home attorneys help with high-level litigation projects, conduct document reviews and advise clients. Much like in-office attorneys, the work of at-home attorneys is dependent on the company or organization for which you work, as well as your area of expertise. Reynolds noted it’s crucial to stay away from terms like “work-from-home” and is it easy to find a remote career “work-at-home,” which are commonly used by scammers. Instead, use keywords like « remote job, » « telecommute job, » and « virtual job » to pinpoint legitimate options. Do you know of any lesser-known techniques to finding remote positions? This will not only help you stay organized and on task, but it will also give you a realistic overview of your current opportunities so you can better understand how to prioritize the time you have.

An avid digital marketer and blogger, he started offering Facebook ad management services to local businesses in his area and eventually turned that operation into a sizable income for himself. He launched his own FB Side Hustle Course that teaches others how to do the same. You can do this as a side hustle or turn it into a full-time job. Services – If you like to work one on one with people, a blog can be a great way to generate leads for coaching, consulting, etc. Furniture, unused makeup, old cell phones, and other tech are all viable options.

Ugh, I Can’t Have A Remote Career, I’m Not A Tech Bro

Spanish speakers, in particular, have a large presence on this platform. Upwork was previously known as Elance and oDesk in the past. Recently, they have also become a public company marketed off in the stock market. If you have any shot at making it in the industry of online work, you need to understand the basic cultural aspects of how things work. Here are some of the top pieces of etiquette to keep in mind.

Best Design And Creative Remote Jobs Websites

You will need to compete in competitions which have low budgets. Since, after all, low budgets mean less competition from the expert designers who are spending their time in the higher-paying ones.

Some businesses won’t be interested, while others may jump on the opportunity to get more exposure online. Students are perfect candidates for book scouting or selling textbooks online. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of students on college campuses who have no interest in reselling their own textbooks. If you’re constantly getting compliments on your makeup or love talking about skincare products, then consider making money with this skill as an online beauty advisor.

If you are really confident in your skills as a graphic designer, this can be one of the easiest ways is it easy to find a remote career to find remote jobs. All you need to do is spend some time designing logos and such every day.

However, the goal here is to find the best remote jobs possible to match your skills. Here are some of the top jobs to consider as a newcomer to the remote work industry. By only choosing companies that share the same values, women who sign up with Aprés are setting themselves up for success. LJ is dedicated to placing top tech talent at remote jobs working for some of the leading European companies in the game. Their site boasts a highly personal experience, helping each and every job seeker land remote roles that they love. Though most of the remote placements available are Euro-based (Porto, anyone?) mostly for time-zone alignment purposes, there is a section of the site dedicated solely to fully remote placements. This is just straight up not the place for remote jobs.

is it easy to find a remote career

I was spinning my wheels, and quite frankly, running through savings. I was in sales and customer service for over 20 years and would love to do that again but have no idea where to look online. I worked in Criminal Justice and Social and Protective Services.

Home office budgets, personal development budgets, additional vacation funds, book funds, Starbucks gift cards, and team retreats, to name a few. The team has a better understanding of its customers and the challenges that Hubstaff can help overcome for remote teams. Reach your goals faster with time tracking and work management.

Some may pay well, and some are just for beginners with low pay. Other important benefits include cutting commuting costs, saving time, staying away from office politics, Mobile Developer and finally having a great balance of work and family life. Telecommuting is becoming a big demand in the market, and rightfully, companies are embracing this culture.

I have been traveling the world since 2008 and explored, worked, and lived in more than 80 countries. To me, there is nothing better than the freedom and flexibility that comes with a location-independent lifestyle. The people behind the cloud-based database tool Knack might be a small team but they have more than 3,000 customers, including Tesla and Harvard University. They are happy to receive unsolicited applications if you don’t see an open position you like and think you are a great match nonetheless. How-To Geek is an online tech magazine that provides easy to understand instructions on any tech subject you can think of.

a company with no HQ, or a company with an HQ thousands of miles away. Determine if remote is right for you personally (maybe you’d be happy where you are with a raise?). in remote interviews, dialing back the corporate speak and acting like yourself makes you more trustworthy. I’ve noticed that a lot of remote workers seem to, for some reason, have higher emotional intelligence than usual. Most fully distributed companies started fully distributed, and they have solid onboarding systems to show for it.

According to one of the reports, 80% of employees want to work from home at least half the time. No one wants to do the long commute, get into sticky office politics, or sacrifice their family life for a desk job.

is it easy to find a remote career

Steps How To Get A Remote Job This Weekend In 2020 (ultimate Guide)

After all, when you’re not physically present in an office, there’s no other way to convey details about your job without communication via phone, email, text, or one of the tools I just mentioned. If you don’t have an updated portfolio, you can bet someone else will and snag that perfect job right out from under you. When you know what you’re truly looking for, it’s time to dust off your resume and breathe new life into your portfolio. Create a list of what you’re looking for in a remote position and don’t forget to highlight your strengths. So employers who are hiring remote workers want to know you can accomplish your work independently and with little-to-no supervision.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. But before you jump in, think hard about working from home every day. Though the flexibility and freedom to work anytime you want is the best feature of remote work, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. You can start your own travel agency or work for companies like World Travel Holdings, Hilton, Marriott, Carnival Cruise Line, etc. A good understanding of destinations, deals, and flights is necessary to give the best to this role along with excellent customer service skills. This again is a very in-demand role and is seen all over the big job boards like,, etc.

Landing a remote job takes some preparation and a bit of work. To be transparent, you may need to dedicate several months of time before you will finally be able to both learn how to work remotely and then find remote jobs to suit your skills. A general rule of thumb is to have 6 months of savings in order to allow yourself plenty of time to dedicate your time to make a career switch.

  • Whether it’s networking, your resume, or interviews, applying for a remote job isn’t quite the same as applying for a traditional job.
  • I’ve used it before and love it because it includes jobs beyond those just for designers and developers.
  • The Coding Network provides medical coding and quality assurance services to health care providers.
  • You must have a minimum of three years of experience to apply for a medical coder job and five years of experience in a specialty area to apply for a coding auditor position.
  • The company offers remote coding jobs in a number of medical specialties.
  • If you’re looking for a remote job you can geta FlexJobs membership, for $14.95 a month.

Especially once you start submitting applications for higher paying gigs. As a beginner graphic designer, you will probably have a hard time winning your first competition.

Doe’s Computer Programming Really Require Math ?

just starting out in the healthcare profession pass the CPC exam on the first try! Thank you Mrs. Ortega for sharing your teaching gift with all of us. I recommend this class to anyone wanting to pass your exam with ease. It’s a long weekend of work but so worth every minute! I’ve taken a 9 month coding course and never felt prepared as I have now for the CPC exam.

However, to improve their general fitness they might also spend time at the gym on bicycle or rowing machines, doing weights, etc. 3️⃣ There are certain areas where knowledge of graphs or probability is essential. Social networks leverage graphs; machine learning is all about probability. However, you can always learn everything you need along the way. Being able to learn is more important than knowing things.

Does coding require math?

How many fundamental algorithms does an average programmer really write? I’d guess 80% of the programming jobs involve no math beyond basic algebra. I find that my math is incredibly lacking for computer programming. There are entire areas of Discrete math and logic that I am missing, and I only survive due to an extensive library of textbooks, Wikipedia and Wolfram. I switch from Civil Engineering to programming (Concrete Sucks!). My math background consists of the usual first year stuff, second and third year Calculus and a Numerical Analysis course.

Observe any problem or task as it is, and let that dictate how you approach it, doing so so from a what, how and then why progression. You have the greatest influence on where you are, what you know, your capabilities, and how to change all of them. It’s never too late to recognize this and change your approach and efforts. Once you’ve taken responsibility, the information you consume and how you apply it, will dictate your ability to transcend your limitations (in this case, not being able to code vs. learning how to). What problem do you want to solve, or what project are you hoping to manifest? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you narrow down where to focus your efforts, what languages to learn, etc. Finally, self-reliance boils down to the choices you make.

I would argue that having advanced logic math can really help. When dealing with common computer programs, these disciplines can help a lot. However, a lot of the other math I took in university was calculus, which as far as I can see, had very limited usage. Since 90% of programming is doing business apps with very simple math, I would say that for the most part, you can get by with very little math knowledge. However, a good understanding of boolean algebra, logic, discrete math, and set theory can really put you up to that next level.

Abstract thinking is also the ability to think about a subject, object or project on many levels at once. Abstract thinking is often improved through discussions with others. It involves a willingness to see things from a different angle, or to draw analytical conclusions from what might seem straightforward. It’s these conditional statements that let the program take on an analytical life of its own and not just follow one set of instructions to its end.

But as far as his work in the real world goes? “I’d estimate that I…use the things I learned in those math classes once or twice a year,” Morse says. Morse’s main professional focus is desktop software and web development, and he says that most of his developer colleagues use high-level math just as infrequently as he does. Fine’s experience is typical among coding autodidacts, and it resembles my own learning-to-code death march adventure. In the beginning, you’re memorizing some basic concepts, like how the Internet works, what code does, how to FTP, and so forth. Then you build on that knowledge—primarily through Googling, trial, and error—as you explore your language of choice. I’m not in favor of anyone learning to code unless she really wants to.

What Math Do You Need For Video Game Design?

Boolean Algebra provides mechanics for reducing all those if statements. In my experience math is required in programming, you can’t get away from it. There are also many other programming tasks you will find Does coding require math? do not need much math. If you do a lot of 3D programming, knowledge of 3D geometry is certainly necessary, don’t you agree? Many other problems can be resolved better if you know your math rather well.

Math Can Be Used In Creative Coding Projects

It’s not hard to see why a game without programming and math would just be a bunch of pretty, useless art. Most of the time the math you learned in high school and college is no different than what was used to design a game. So, If you are beginning with Python and don’t know/remember the Mathematics even then you can learn Python. Python is easy programming language and you can learn it easily.

And I look forward to attending more classes with the Medical Coding Academy. She wasted no time teaching us exactly what we needed to know for the CPC class. I highly highly recommend that you do the pre work before taking her 3-day course.

Reading And Keyboarding Skills For Medical Coding And Billing

Just because you aren’t writing mathmatical proofs or directly solving equations like in the math textbook doesn’t mean you don’t need to understand the concepts behind them. Incidentally, in many years of work experience, I have never run into a bad programmer who had a solid understanding of math. A good programmer may not be a good mathematician, and vice versa. Constructing that algorithm in a way that can be executed by a machine is programming. Likewise, I am now a database-driven web application developer. Calculus have little to do with programming, and is more tightly related to physics and engineering.

  • She is the best in the business hands down.
  • However, I feel that I learned more in the 3-day class then the 9-month course.
  • Ms. Ortega is a very dedicated teacher my and she inspired me to accomplish goals.
  • take a 9-month course in coding at a local college.
  • SHE KNOWS HER STUFF. The way she teaches you will pass the exam.
  • Anyone who wants to go into to medical coding field needs to take her class.

Does Coding Require Math

You never know what your next project will be, so don’t waste time learning things before you need them. 1️⃣ To succeed as a programmer, you need to understand school-level math, like calculus and algebra. These are the basics that every person needs to know to survive in the modern world. Remember that if you are a graduate applying for a job at Google, they might test your math skills. Not because you’ll do math at work, but because Google wants to know how well you studied or see how you approach the problem. Testers should be able to work with developers and explain what parts of the program worked and didn’t work for them, but they don’t necessarily need to be well-versed in programming terminology. (HBR named Data Science The Sexiest Career of the century.) This career can take lots of forms.

It’s important to realize just because someone’s nose is bleeding, doesn’t mean they went halfway up the mountain. Nose bleeds happen for all kinds of reasons. Removing yourself, and your subjective experiences from the situation at hand will be helpful. What you’ve encountered, or think you know, should be used as a suggestion, but not an end all.

I believe you should follow your bliss, career-wise, because most of the things you’d buy with all the money you’d make as a programmer won’t make you happy. Also, if your only reason for learning to code is because you want to be a journalist and you think that’s the only way to break into the field, that’s false. Mathematics is not the process of solving equations. If the only mathematics you’ve ever seen is the mathematics taught in school, you have never seen actual mathematics. Yes, those are heavy on the « logic » Front End Developer part of mathematical logic, but mathematics is generally acknowledged to be a few axioms, and their logic consequences as developed via first order logic. Experience in Java give you well paid jobs, and for a long time in industrial big projects, and you will be able to switch to another environment because you are able to speak informatic, not mathematic. As you told about it, I can say that learning this language is not a mathematical problem (even if basic/minimalist algebra help you,) but a logical one.

Does coding require math?

Some advanced mathematics knowledge might come in handy. And it’s not like they are « out-of-this world » problems. Most line-of-business developers won’t need advanced maths most of the time. Sometimes knowing trigonometry can help, and certainly being able to understand enough maths to implement algorithms described mathematically can be important – but beyond that? I have known people who were highly successful on both sides of the fence , but in both groups they enjoyed numerical problems and learning about algorithms and math theory. And so you could say that someone who does a lot of crosswords or plays Scrabble is more likely to be good at programming than someone who does not.

They need to find out the amount insurance companies will pay to cover a patient’s bills. If the insurance claim is accepted, they make a payment to the healthcare provider. However, if the insurance company denies paying the bill, the medical biller must review the claim, attempt to rectify any disagreements based on math, and help the office and patient reach agreement. A career as a medical biller can be very rewarding for professionals interested in the health care field. Medical billers are responsible for maintaining all financial paperwork and electronic records relating to patients’ treatments. Medical billers work in a variety of settings, including doctors’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes and treatment centers.

Does coding require math?

An almost bigger problem is that the general public may well be exposed to arithmetic but they encounter almost zero real mathematics. If they have been lucky remote career enough to encounter something that is real math then the chances are they fail to see any connection with the real world and how it might help them.

Some people are fantastic programmers who have struggled with or even failed calculus classes. As you can probably guess, pitfalls refer to anything in the coding process that can mess up your code and your game. These Does coding require math? are accidental mistakes or bugs within the code. Everyone knows numbers; they’re what makes our society push onward. If it weren’t for all of those 1’s and 0’s, we wouldn’t be able to program and create games properly.

math will definitely make you a better coder. ive always been terrible with math, and coding strengthens what skills i do have. When you are faced with a big problem, you can either just dive in or step back and break down the problem. Usually people break it down and that logic applies to math and coding. This time, the problem Python Developer does not explicitly state the Part A, B, and C. You do know there are multiple steps involved in order to solve the main question the problem is asking meaning you need to break it down. Like math, there are different ways to get the result you want with coding, which brings me to the point of not being afraid to ask for help.

Using Math In Programming & Game Design

Some data analysts do know programming languages . But analyzing data can happen in a ton of ways. If you suspect that coding isn’t for you, know that there are many technical jobs out there that don’t even require coding. On the math side of the fence, you need to have a fairly solid proficiency in math because some positions require higher-level math skills.

Where’s The Math In Coding?

We continued using Zoom for the duration of remote learning although we were aware of concerns with privacy. It really is a superior platform for online learning, and for a quarter, we decided to make the tradeoff. I’ll just quickly add that in my venture class, the students are now doing their project pitches, and although I’m nervous about running into a time crunch with the end of the quarter…. They are all doing a project about something they already love and enjoy, and tying it into the theme of “The Impact of the Internet”. One student will be making an informational webpage about chihuahuas. Another student will be making a dog feeder from a Raspberry Pi.

Tips On Using Cpt Coding

The Habitat community did get approved eventually. There are several houses built now and families living in them. One of my current students will be getting one of those homes with her mom. When we had online learning during spring 2020, she had to attend zoom meetings on a phone from her bathroom to get some privacy. The neighborhood is super cute and we like watching it come together. I went to a community meeting and was absolutely blown away by how awful my neighbors were about this “low income” housing community. Many of my neighbors made comments about the traffic and the density and how they would lose their views (over an empty lot??).

In addition to computer science theory, you of course need to learn how to code to in order to become a software developer. But don’t worry, it’s not brain surgery; in fact it’s not even rocket science. My child attended Mathnasium this summer in order to improve his math skills and get a better foundation for the upcoming school year. The staff at Mathnasium were knowledgeable and supportive. They have a wide variety of dates and times that they are open during the summer which made it easy to attend. Also, they were very helpful and flexible in working around our summer vacation.

Although more reputable than attending a coding bootcamp, the CS degree is still fundamentally a tool to get a job in the tech–industry. But after landing the job, work experience and a portfolio will ultimately decide future career prospects, less so an alma mater or degree. So do you absolutely need a degree Remote Career to pursue a career computer programming? New research has shown that aptitude for learning foreign languages is a stronger predictor of learning to program than basic maths knowledge. In today’s STEM-focused world, learning to code opens up a variety of possibilities for jobs and extended education.

At this point, it should be clear that math isn’t a necessity if you’re looking to become a coder—but on a broader scale, that might be beside the point. Sure, you might feel more qualified to take on coding , but what if you think that after a few years in tech, working at NASA sounds awesome? What if you wish you could use your tech skills in a more mathematical way, but just think you aren’t very good at it? Well, your math anxiety might not have any correlation whatsoever with your actual ability. If you can write and understand computer code, you likely already possess the math skills needed for all but the most technical cybersecurity roles.

Is Computer Science Really All About Math?

Does coding require math?

I think he was shocked too at how unwelcoming people would be to this project that he and his students had invested so much into. In the north part of town, it sure looks like the school boundaries were drawn to cluster the free/reduced lunch kids and the Latino kids into School 1 and School 2. There is some white flight from school 1 and school 2 as well… some students who live in the boundaries of those schools choice into other schools in the district or go to charter schools. Even so, it is really remarkable that the boundaries are drawn this way. It really wouldn’t be that hard to change, just move the boundaries literally a few blocks in one direction or another. I can tell you from talking with friends who have taught in schools 1&2 and their feeder middle schools and high schools, that those schools are really hard to teach in.

That’s not possible, unless you’re some kind of prodigy. Related to that, I think that your point about there being no best language and the explanation that follows is misleading.

If you are a candidate for these highly specialized roles, you undoubtedly have already tested your aptitude and talent for math in real-world experiences. Don’t let the labels of “creative person” or “analytical person” close doors unnecessarily.

Headsets are, of course, not shared, and yes you can wear a face mask and a VR HMD at the same time. If someone else needs them, we clean with disinfectant and Does coding require math? let the headsets sit unused for a few days before they’re used by another classmate.The students really enjoyed using Neopixels and learning about Arduino.

Python was a natural choice, Prat explained, because it resembles English structures such as paragraph indentation and uses many real words rather than symbols for functions. Language skills are a stronger predictor of programming ability than math knowledge, according to a new University of Washington study.

People That Enjoy Working With Numbers

  • To that end, you need never forget anything you learn in mathematics; it won’t be incorrect in ten years or a hundred.
  • But everything you can read about deep learning today, however, will be old hat in ten years.
  • Writing code is like writing in another language, so language skills are extremely important!
  • But it’s not even just future you, when other developers get involved, they will need to be able to understand the code.
  • With enough experience, writing code that you and the computer understand is relatively easy – writing code that you, the computer, and future you understand is a whole ‘nother story.
  • Not only do you need to understand what people before you have written in code, you need to write code in such a way that those who come after you can understand what you were trying to say.

How Math Is Used In A Medical Billing Career?

To that end, you need never forget anything you learn in mathematics; it won’t be incorrect in ten years or a hundred. But everything you can read about deep learning today, however, will be old hat in ten years. I believe that people who declare themselves to be “pathetically weak” at math, had bad teachers or bad learning experiences when they were young. I believe, axiomatically, that all people can be very good at math, because I believe that math is an extension of the common sense that people use every day. 2️⃣ If you work with graphics or, say, in game dev, you’ll need more in-depth math and physics knowledge. Some frameworks hide science from a programmer and you can build cool things without knowing math.

However, to stay in the field you will need to keep learning new languages and constantly upgrading your technical knowledge throughout the life of your career. This is definitely not a profession where you can thrive, or even survive, by learning just a defined, static set of skills. You may not have a university degree to start, but you will constantly be learning and refining your knowledge. If you stay in it long enough you will participate in more learning than those who earn doctorate degrees. To make it in this profession you need to have a healthy thirst for intellectual growth, and a high tolerance for change. If you are – then this is an exciting, challenging, and VERY rewarding career.

To be a full–time programmer is not to be a gifted mathematician. You don’t need to know how to calculate the slope of an orthogonal trajectory to know how to code. Actually, you don’t have to even know what this means. To learn how to become a software developer, you need to know basic algebra and practice strong problem–solving skills. Other than these two prerequisites, the degree of math you need to know is highly dependent on the project you are working on. For example, if you’re designing user interfaces with a front–end framework like twitter bootstrap, you’ll barely use any math – at a minimum, you need to be able to count pixels. In contrast, if the project specifically requires certain mathematical functionality, then yes, you will absolutely need to know some math.

The interaction is modeled by the laws of Physics which are eventually backed by heavy mathematics. I would disagree in one detail; Mathematics as we generally speak of it is also a language and this language can be surprisingly difficult for some people to learn, even if those people are relatively intelligent. Those same people can learn to program, even be stellar in it. Especially advanced mathematics relies on you memorizing a lot of rules and symbols and it’s usually written in a very terse way without much context involved.

C++ forces you to learn to write efficient code that does what you intend, whereas PHP tends in the other direction. Maybe there’s not a “best” language, but there are better ones when it comes to learning to write efficient code that won’t have unintended consequences. Believe it or not, but there’s a significant population of software developers in the tech–industry who are self-taught, and to this day, still don’t have formal degrees.

Is coding good for kids?

Coding is a basic literacy in the digital age, and it is important for kids to understand and be able to work with and understand the technology around them. Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future. Coding helps children with communication, creativity, math,writing, and confidence.

To gain a general understanding of your relationship with numbers, consider the following traits, skills, and abilities. I brought this question up just in case standardized testing gets postponed, cancelled, or has a lower priority placed on it, maybe freeing up a little more math time for the things kids would like to learn. We do SO much with functions in high school math. It’s a bit much, in my opinion, when there’s so much math out there that kids like.

This quarter my venture topic is “Art Enhanced by Technology”. We are exploring how modern technology can make art more meaningful, immersive, beautiful, and interactive. Venture projects follow the design cycle over the course of a quarter. The first phase is Empathize, and I take that job seriously. So we profile different artists, do research, get feedback from each other, and I teach the students the content skills they’ll need to be successful in the venture.

Here’s Why I’m Going To Teach My Math Students To Code

Coding is associated with math and engineering; college-level programming courses tend to require advanced math to enroll and they Does coding require math? tend to be taught in computer science and engineering departments. I’m a big fan of integrating programming and math learning.

Does coding require math?

I’m looking forward to getting this project off the ground and I’m seeking guidance and feedback from the Tch community. I’m reaching out to other educators who have taught coding in their classrooms. I’m also wondering if there are any math teachers who have experience integrating coding into their classrooms to support students’ understanding of mathematics.

Does coding require math?

Boolean logic is probably a requirement to be a good programmer, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of people who didn’t achieve good marks in high school maths turn out to be good at programming. Can you become a good software developer without maths? Can you become the sort of heroic programmer that people talk about all the time? Anyway, as to how computers actually work, you’re better off knowing electrical/electronic engineering and formal philosophy than math.

Can an older person learn to code?

Learning basic computer languages can boost your job options, no matter your age. Older workers are learning computer coding and taking classes online to pursue new careers. For older workers who are looking to add skills to their résumés or jump into new careers altogether, learning how to code can be a pathway.

Now we don’t exactly live in a wealthy gated community. Our homes are really, really average homes in a really average part of town and I couldn’t believe the sense of entitlement and elitism I saw at the community meeting. I was one of two people that stood up and spoke in favor of the project. The other person was the Geometry and Construction teacher whose students would be building the homes.

Some studies estimate that a remarkable 40% of college freshmen in the U.S. require remedial math courses. That portion could go up if fewer students are taking a traditional math sequence in high school. There are some solid numbers behind this sentiment. Despite a surge in the number of students taking computer science in college, there is still far more demand for computer science and software engineering workers than there is supply. Computer science can be a practical class that helps prepare students for real middle-class jobs. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis expressed similar ideas when he signed a workforce education bill into law earlier this year that allows computer science to count as math or science.