Before conference face-to-face the first time, four got commonly played against Me.

Before conference face-to-face the first time, four got commonly played against Me.


Five had been fanatic of Mitch as a player, for doing this is one of the most resistant with his arrogant self centered habit for his or her have confidence in his skills and understanding, but doesn’t always have nightmare to right confront him or her when he crosses the range. Away all Five publicly looks at your as buddy or perhaps a frenemy.


Casino is actually a youth pal of 5 that he hadn’t affecting a couple of years vendor competition of « Smashozaurs ». Both of them get a shared fascination with the titular video showcased inside the episode, Smashozuars. From regularly associated his own dad to be effective and certainly not viewing your for the full a couple of years, Casino thought left by Five awhile.


A young child Five and Miko unearthed that try an experienced modder. She earned a brand new Chomp Kitty that was purple and called they Horn. She makes use of bugs that had been viewed and adjustments around AI and look to ensure they are good animals


As a knowledgeable bug technology, Five was satisfied by and locates Zahra awesome. Being the series moves along, they be relatives and Zahra even develops a crush on Five. So far, Five happens to be not really acquainted with their sensations about him.


Haneesh was a far more practiced Glitch computer that Five aspects and appears as many as. After « leader Leader », the feeling of regard become common.


They became friends in « range search » and often proceeded goals along then, showing they’re on good names.

As management for the Bailey side of Hinobi’s Glitch Techs, Phil try Five’s boss. Five aspects your as an outstanding it is happy to keep his ground against him in situations like bringing Ridley aboard problem technicians.

Abuela & Papi

Abuela & Papi Nieves tends to be four’s grand-parents. Before coming to be a bug technical for Hinobi, Five accustomed work on their unique dinners car. The two supporting his passion for video gaming.


Emilio was Five’s father, and they are still on excellent words and even though Five is obviously disappointed because reality their pop is in imprisonment.

Geri is a family group good friend who is nearby with Five along with his dad. Until the line, Five hadn’t read the girl since their dad am arrested.

Powers, Know-how, and Gear

Preparing: Before he or she enrolled with the Glitch specialists, this individual shown to be a qualified prepare with his household nutrients pick-up.

Control: he will easily prepare designs, making use of anything to his or her personality and deciding on his or her buddies’ talents, he or she displays to have transformative throughout these projects if these aren’t effective just they adapt to it and create a new one.

Developing and technology info: she’s often observed reading publications on development with his down-time. In « Ping », he demonstrated that he will be competent at making alterations to arcade game shelving.

Bug technology Gauntlet: fundamental machines of every go to my site Glitch techie representative:

  • Jet shoes: First acquired in « Going, went, Gauntlet! », this enhancement authorized Five to jump greater and fly, but this individual at first have inept control. These were sooner bought and sold into mix Five and Miko’s EXP into legitimately retaining Ally, though Five obtained it well before their own appearance in « compilation Quest ».
  • Skins
    • StegaZaur Exo fit: a big, heavy-duty shield skin initially showcased in « Smashozaurs », directly prompted by Five’s beloved figure through the program. The suit was basically always correspond to resistant to the strength of Casino’s TriTops kind, even though it ended up being fundamentally destroyed.
    • Modded Wizard (temporary): a custom-made mod your skin of an ace through the sport « Fire generation 4 », brought to life by Ridley and suitable for the info of the woman tweaked bugs, creating Five to battle and shoot these people.
  • Hoverboard: First seen in « Smashozaurs », it really is another tour concept basically utilized for quick escapes. It will have pertaining to two different people.
  • Velocity enhance: Augments his increase for a while of your time.
  • Replication Mod: designed by Ridley, it is a focus blast which makes a bug split up into two precise copies.
  • Fixed canon: an enormous canon like a reservoir’s with a robust blast but wants the assistance of another bug technology to deploy and employ. The guy and Nameless used it collectively in sole appearance, it is therefore not clear whether it belongs to Five or Nameless.