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Five Elements of a Story – Is it True?

As a student, you have to tell a story. There are five essential elements that you need to include in your essay. Let’s delve into some of these elements. Remember, you cannot use one element in a story and forget another. As such, you will end up using something that is not related to your original story.

Choose a Complete Story

Your writing skills will help you in creating a unique story. You may feel that doing a story that is similar to novel is not easy. That is why you will need a book report during the making of your story. Yes, it can be quite challenging to create a different story using the same tools and techniques. However, you will learn the art of writing by following the tips that trail snakes in the dark.

Familiarize yourself with the given instructions. When doing a story, make sure that you follow the following guide:

  • Write down the events of the story. This will assist you in creating a complete picture of the event.
  • Have a genuine feeling for the story. The story must feel real to appeal to the reader. You can achieve this by combining real-life experiences with the tale’s concept.
  • Provide an outline for your story. Having a framework will help you in finalizing the story. An outline helps you to track all the steps that you are supposed to do.
  • Make a full draft before starting the story. You should write a draft that captures everything that is to appear in the final story. This is important as it helps you correct your spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

Romeo and juliet characters

The characters in a story are not similar. Every character https://litchapter.com/romeo-and-juliet-prologue-study-guide has their essence, and therefore, they must revolve around the central theme of the story. The central theme of a story is to evoke life and emotion. Using relatable details allows the reader to feel that part of the story is flowing.

Therefore, the choice of a unique aspect of the story is vital. Looking at how different people have turned out to be, you will notice a particular way that people have changed over time. Furthermore, this story has some unique features. These aspects do not belong to any other popular story but form a unique trend with other similar ones. The choice of the characters depends on the type of story you are composing.