The #1 Digital resource Management platform for Enterprise Usability.

The #1 Digital resource Management platform for Enterprise Usability.

Brandfolder assists marketers and creatives handle and distribute their assets, and know the way they truly are doing.

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The folks have actually talked.

Brandfolder may be the number 1 rated DAM in accordance with reading user reviews.

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The Full Total Economic Influence Of Brandfolder

Find the financial savings and company advantages enabled by Brandfolder with this particular ROI research carried out by Forrester.

An intuitive means for users to locate whatever they require, if they require it.

Your group wastes a large number of hours per week finding assets. Brandfolder makes it simple for users to get into assets from an intuitive, cloud-based, solitary way to obtain truth.

« Brandfolder has increased our effectiveness due to the usability and simplicity of use. With an instant and search that is simple our international partners will find what they require, if they are interested. »

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Anthony Nguyen – Director of Worldwide Advertising

An effortless solution to share your brand name’s assets.

Simplify brand asset circulation by sharing a secured item, an accumulation assets, and sometimes even your entire Brandfolder with robust privacy controls and user-level permissioning.

« Brandfolder helps reduce steadily the back-and-forth of asset sharing between interior groups and outside stores. As a result of it, we now have enhanced our relationships and set our sales synergy to achieve your goals. »

Kathryn Castle – Director of Creative & Design Strategy

Know how your assets are performing with Brand Intelligence.

Making use of proprietary AI and ML technologies, Brand Intelligence explains that is making use of your assets, where they’re getting used, and exactly what your highest-performing assets are.

« Brandfolder Insights reveal us exactly exactly what assets users are downloading and engaging with, and just how numerous users are accessing our content. It can help us inform exactly exactly what services and products we must give attention to, and spend money on increasing. »

Becca Wyant – Innovative Supervisor

Brandfolder integrates with all the tools you utilize everyday

Strong brands reside right right right here

Brandfolder is trusted by a number of the planet’s strongest brands, from revolutionary startups to Fortune 500 businesses.

« Brandfolder is much like A google Image seek out my very own business’s assets. »

Kathryn Castle Director of Design & Creative Solutions

At Russell Stover, changing a chocolate that is legacy into a modern item had been critical towards the development of their business. Learn how Brandfolder allows Russell Stover’s sales force and suppliers to easily access content on the fly from a main supply of truth.

Find out how P.F. Chang’s distributed personalized assets that are regional 23 international areas with Brandfolder.

Discover how Duo protection gained DAM adoption from 800+ stakeholders and saves 10 hours each week.

An Ode to Cold Showers

Fling wide the plastic curtain, take a deep breath, and move appropriate in.

Here’s just just what utilized to take place.

I’d wake up, sighing and smoldering, reel up out of bed and to the home, and place the kettle on. Then I’d think: Well, now just what? Time would go granular, like in a Jack Reacher novel, but less exciting. 5 minutes at the very least before the kettle boils. Come to a decision. Break the laptop computer, see the news. Or stare murkily out of the screen. Unload the dishwasher? Oh dear. Is it life, this weight that is sour this baggage of consciousness? What’s that scent? It’s futility, increasing in fumes around me personally. And all sorts of this before 7 a.m.

Here’s what the results are now.

I get up, smoldering and sighing, reel up out of bed and in to the kitchen area, and place the kettle on. After which i’ve a cold bath.

We don’t want to exaggerate here, audience. Life-changing, neurosis-canceling, enlightenment during the twist of the tap—I don’t like to make these claims when it comes to early-morning cold bath. However if if you just want to wake up a little faster — can I most devoutly recommend that you give it a shot like me you have a sluggish seam of depression in your nature, and a somewhat cramped brain, and a powerful need, throughout the day, for quasi-electrical interventions of one sort or another, reboots and renewals — or?

Do so thing that is first. Once you wake up. Don’t torture yourself with postponement. And don’t muck around with hot-to-cold transitions, heat tweakings, etc. Fling wide the curtain that is plastic crank the tap to its coldest, take a deep breath, and move appropriate in. Maybe maybe Not grimly or penitentially, however with slapstick defiance: Holy Mother of Jesus! Cowabunga! right Here I get! (If it is too soon when you look at the for slapstick defiance, get one of these head-shake of weary amazement. time)

Water hits, and biology asserts it self. You aren’t a tired balloon of cerebral task; you’re a human anatomy, and you’re being challenged. You gulp atmosphere; your pulse thumps. The human brain, meanwhile, your lovely, furry brain that is old goes glacier-blue with surprise. Consideration is abolished. Personality is abolished. You’re a nameless mammal under a ravening jet of chilled water. It’s a type of accelerated mindfulness, actually: in 2 seconds, you’re during the sweet spot between nonentity and presence that is total. It’s the cold behind the cool; the stunning, immobile zero; a flame of numbness bending one to its might. Additionally — this is really important — you can easily nevertheless lather up in a shower that is cold and acquire your entire washing done: locks, human body, every thing.

Then you will get away, and you’re various. Things have actually occurred to your neurotransmitters which may be linked, state the researchers, with elevated mood and increased alertness. You’re wide awake, at the very least. Your epidermis is seal-like and cool. Your neurological system is jangling — but melodically, like small bells. And through the home, it is possible to hear the kettle needs to whistle.