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That’s even more important when we don’t have direct contact with the end user. With realistic deadlines, and a itemised time quote you can be sure that you won’t let your clients down, and projects will be a success. I can build on your existing project or if you have a new idea needing an experienced PHP or Laravel developer.

Worksome’s Customer Success team is on hand to help you build the most attractive profile to present your skills and market value. Our advanced algorithm will then match you to projects that are right for you and your skillset. In addition, with the market’s lowest commission fee of only 4% you can save money by avoiding expensive recruiter costs stages of group development so that you can walk away with the money you deserve. Sign up for Worksome today, and become part of a growing network of skilled PHP developers. Find a variety of exciting projects and work with numerous companies from small businesses to enterprises. Thats why we ensure fair payment and the freedom from being bound to an agency or consultancy.

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Here’s a few samples of projects I’ve worked on over the last year. So much of the code I do is behind the scenes within Extensions, Plugins and internal systems so feel free to contact me and I’ll talk you through anything you’d like to know.

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It is needed for integration with SAP OBY6 and must contain in its functionality around 1500 SKUs with at least 8 warehouses where the customer can select according what is sto to geographical area. We have purchased a pre-built website & need a webmaster to integrate it with our client management system , make the necessary edits, etc.

Please note, I am a remote worker based in West Somerset, working from my studio. I am not currently travelling to meet clients, although I’m happy to jump on a video call to discuss your proposal. I pride myself on writing clean,concise and well documented code using Git source code management to track code revisions. My portfolio of work includes working on a variety of platforms including Joomla!

  • During this time I worked with a range of different clients, including personal trainers, swimming pool builders, estate agents, marquee and equipment hire, holiday rentals and many more.
  • My roles have involved, developing, testing and deploying code.
  • Overall, working as a freelance PHP developer can be enjoyable, rewarding, and challenging.
  • I’ve worked with many CMS platforms over the years including WordPress, Processwire, Concrete, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento, Opencart as well as a few bespoke CodeIgniter CMS’s and some vanilla PHP CMS’s.
  • A Software-as-a-Service platform that imported and aggregated pricing data for over 1 million used car sale prices each day, used to provide accurate vehicle pricing based on similar vehicles and price trends over time.
  • It’s also about understanding your business and your sector, in order to produce a website that not only works – it does exactly what you need it to.
  • Recently starting to integrate HubSpot into existing projects.

This process ensures that your company hires the right candidate for the job in record time without compromising on quality. Skilled in data cleaning, mining and applying predictive analytics including supervised and unsupervised machine learning. Use data visualisation skills to provide insightful charts and graphics using applications such as Tableau and Excel. Also able to write web applications in Python and in PHP, including design and functionality. Ben is an expert at developing custom WordPress themes and plugins. He’s spent the past five years leading the builds of numerous websites and is capable of taking a project from the design stage to launch. Ben excels at creating blazing fast WordPress sites by optimizing them from the get-go with modern web development techniques.

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Matt has been extremely professional throughout and is extremely lovely kind person who we highly recommend, we would use Matt again in the future . Every website I build comes with 12 months hosting included, so you can focus on the things that matter to your business. Day to day, I now spend much of my time with PHP and frameworks like Laravel and CodeIgniter. TL;DR – I’m a father, husband, remote freelance PHP developer working with Laravel, CakePHP & VueJS. Reader of books, watcher of films & shows, life long learner , recent Stoic and always wanting to improve, be & do better. A freelance PHP developer specialising in Laravel & CakePHP based in Crewe/Nantwich, UK.

freelance php developer

As for national insurance contributions, you will most likely have to pay class 2 national insurance contributions, though if you make over a certain amount you may also be responsible for class 4 contributions. If your business revenue is over the VAT threshold, you will be required to register for VAT as well. I’ve worked with many CMS platforms over the years including WordPress, Processwire, Concrete, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento, Opencart as well as a few bespoke CodeIgniter CMS’s and some vanilla PHP CMS’s. I’ve seen things done in so many different ways and I know there isn’t such a thing as one CMS that suites everything. It’s all about choosing the right tool for the job – Magento for large ecommerce, I like Processwire for a small cms.

I am passionate about creating and optimizing PHP-based websites. I can participate in all phases of a website development project from design, coding, installation, optimization to maintenance of the site including server optimizations. I have been managing Google Ads campaigns freelance php developer with deep experience in conversion optimization using data science. Need a wordpress developer to edit my site to clean up and make it view better with a focus on mobile view. Need to focus on adding funnel system to capture email addresses and other user data.

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Your allocated Resource Manager will provide you 3 CVs of contractors that fit your agencies needs within 5 days. All of our client names are completely confidential – as your agency relationship will be with us. What your skills are worth in the job market is constantly changing. Simon Jarvis, PHP developer & web designer based in Kent / London. We pride ourselves on doing the groundwork when quoting the time required for a project, and the complexities the functionality brings. Development of modules for Faculty VLE, two departmental websites and online teaching materials.

Working for yourself as a freelance PHP developer can be incredibly rewarding, you set your own hours, decide what projects you wish to take on, and generally dictate the flow of the entire project. However these freedoms come with certain responsibilities that must be addressed. You will be solely responsible for locating new clients and projects to work on, and you will be responsible for keeping track of all business finances and taxes.

I would have no hesitation in recommending WebXMedia team to any business. Unfortunately the API has long since shut down, and it wasn’t worth the time or effort to revive the project, but it taught me a lot and I’ll be forever grateful for that API. If you’re in need of a PHP developer please do get in touch, more than happy to chat over a project or idea and see how we can work together. Your browser will redirect to your Software construction requested content shortly. During my time there, we also started to take back control of the website development which had originally been outsourced. Recently working to integrate content from a large XML representation of a book published by Oxford University Press and authored by the client. After posting a job, our algorithm will select the best suited candidates for your project among several thousand profiles.

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This is an existing tool that just needs on-going maintenance and improvements over time. I will like a very modern interface for a sport/betting website, I already have some designs i like from existing websites but I want a more user friendly and easy to use interface for my work. If you’re not looking for a partner for your team, but instead want a silent service where you can trust the quality & confidentiality then we can help. If you have a design or marketing agency, we are your perfect development partner. We are happy to work on one single part of your project, or build everything from design to completion. Building Laravel/PHP and MySQL websites for a range of SMEs, educational establishments, sports clubs and charitable organisations, including Partick Thistle Football Club, MAGIC-Maths and SMSTC. Remote website developer based in Glasgow, specialising in the back-end and especially the Laravel framework for clients throughout Scotland and the UK.

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Each project varies on the skill set needed but my focus on most sites includes PHP, MySQL and Javascript. Working mostly with a single client of this agency, I took a small step into the unknown, working with an unfamiliar CMS , combined with Solr search indexing, and a recently integrated Stripe payment gateway. Finally, our mutual rating system ensures high quality at all times for both you and the PHP developers on our platform. I’m Paul Waring, and before becoming a development cost I worked in both the public sector and commercial businesses. I understand what your organisation needs and what regulations it has to conform to, and I’ll ask all the right questions to help me understand your requirements.

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Development of several Laravel-based sites for AgbioInvestor, as well as ongoing WordPress support and hosting for the main website. Based in Glasgow, freelance php developer Scotland, a freelance Laravel Certified PHP developer with varied client portfolio from 20 years in commercial, academic and charity sectors.

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With all projects, I take a pragmatic and evidence-based approach. I will work with the business to ensure the correct project is built at the correct time, to ensure the desired outcome. If I don’t know what that correct path looks like, I will be up-front and honest, and do whatever I can to find someone who can help if required. This was the trading name I used while working as a freelance developer, initially during the time I lived in Spain, and later in 2009 when I moved back to the UK. This later developed into Chester Solutions Ltd when I formed a Limited company. Looking for a php developer that knows how to modify and write custom plugins to make changes to a multi vendor Dokan website. Another important thing to consider is whether or not to hire or retain the services of an accountant.

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If you are looking to set up decent website, you’ll need a php developer. Final project was a custom written online booking system for small to medium sized holiday rental businesses, with a focus on the backend management of enquiries and bookings. At this stage the user would complete additional booking information including guest information and extra rental items for use during their stay. We know how damaging it can be if you hire dedicated PHP developers only to find out a few weeks into the project that they just aren’t up to the task.