Edited at 30.01.2020 – Citation machine

What is a Citation Machine?

This is a document that explains the procedure used to write a paper. There are usually two kinds of Citations. These are:

  • Critical reviews – This type describes the critical remarks that are made by a reader about a given paper. It is quite hard to write a critical review. You have to conducted in-depth research. After that, you will conclude by writing a statement of your findings.
  • Influences – This is the list of points that are borrowed from other sources and are now in your article’s works. The aim here is to identify the sources used and try to compare them before submitting your paper.

Since there are numerous ways to write an article, every student is advised to stick to a particular format. Also, each instructor may have specific instructions that make the structure different. If you don’t follow the guideline, chances are you will score low grades. Therefore, stick to the specific format assigned.

When writing your paper, cite all the sources used, including the text referenced. If you don’t https://cite4me.org/blog/when-and-how-do-you-italicize-movie-titles/#:~:text=Should Book Titles Be Italicized or In Quotes? follow the guidelines, your essay will not earn excellent scores.

Citation machine

This is a machine that uses a semi-automatic citation tool. The tool will automatically generate the citations you present on your document. Once the machine is done working, you will be credited to the author. How unfortunate was that you been able to find such a machine?

The good thing about this is that it is automatic. It auto-rules the information that you include in your document. So, whatever data you include in your Citation Machine will always have a source. When using the manual, you only need to copy the details from the document and paste it on the anchor.

Once you are done with the citations, you just have to locate the relevant author. Luckily enough, there are online resources that have citations installed on every system. These resources are free. Just ensure that you input the right source and complete the necessary information about the author.

Essay Machine

This is another favourite way for remembrance of assignment tasks. When you do the right thing, you will have an easy time when tackling any essay papers. Your Citation Machine will do all the tasks you are asked to do, and they will apply the required format. They will also help you outline your work, find keywords that will bring you a lot of marks, and helps you write a unique paper. They are quite simple too.