Blender Face-Off: Ninja vs. Vitamix. Can it be well worth spending for a Vitamix, or perhaps is the far cheaper Ninja all that’s necessary for your smoothie fix?

Blender Face-Off: Ninja vs. Vitamix. Can it be well worth spending for a Vitamix, or perhaps is the far cheaper Ninja all that’s necessary for your smoothie fix?

Can it be well worth ponying up for a Vitamix, or perhaps is the far cheaper Ninja all you have to for your smoothie fix?

See the remarks area of CR’s blender articles, and you’ll encounter people who own superior models like Vitamix profess their “love” of those blenders and expound on exactly how these “amazing” devices have now been “the investment that is best ever” and just “put all of the other people to shame.”

What is also notable about these blenders is the cost, that will be six to 10 times more than the typical, relating to Debra Mednick, the manager of market analysis at Consumer Reports.

But one superior brand name, Ninja, promises to complete lots of just just what the priciest blenders may do for not as.

Can a Ninja compete keenly against a Vitamix, a brand that is vaunted blenders have actually the most effective five spots within our ranks of full-sized blenders, with costs which range from $450 to $650?

With this face-off, we’re pitting the Nutri Ninja BL642 with Auto-iQ, $200, contrary to the Vitamix Ascent Series A3500, $650. Both are CR suggested models with programmed settings that adjust mixing speed and time for you to the cup size you’re utilizing. Here’s just exactly how they complement.


Ninja: The Ninja BL642 is a 1,500-watt blender by having a 9-cup synthetic container and blade that is removable. The touchpad settings have actually three rates and Auto-iQ preset buttons to make smoothies, purГ©es, and pulse. In addition has two personal blending Auto-iQ presets called the Nutri Ninja blend together with Nutri Ninja ultra blend, which you yourself can use whenever mixing with some of the 18-, 24-, and 32-ounce cups contained in the set.

Auto-iQ technology can sense which jar is regarding the engine base and recommend presets to fit. As an example, the Nutri presets work just with small cups, perhaps not the bigger jar. The Nutri blend button is supposed for shakes, frappes, and fruit that is fresh, plus the Nutri ultra blend is reserved for heavy-duty smoothies with frozen fruits, fibrous veggies, and seeds.

The Ninja steps 18 inches high‚ too much to match under standard cabinetry in the countertop. It comes down in black colored and has now a warranty that is one-year.

Vitamix: The Vitamix that is 1,640-watt 3500 which will be the main brand’s Ascent series, includes a synthetic jar that holds 8 cups. At 17 ins high, it is just somewhat reduced compared to the Ninja, but that difference means it’s going to fit beneath the kitchen cabinets that are most.

You employ a dial to select certainly one of 15 rates, you can also choose a environment regarding the LCD touchscreen display for smoothies, frozen sweets, dips, hot soups, or self-cleaning. Just like the Ninja, this blender immediately adjusts its system settings and mixing times towards the container size you utilize, but you’ll get only the 8-cup container along with your purchase. There’s a compatible 8-ounce cup and a 20-ounce glass you could buy individually, and you’ll need an adapter to utilize these with the blender base. Starter kits offering an adapter and a glass expense $100 to $130; extra cups are $30.

This Vitamix possesses timer that is programmable customized recipes—you set the desired some time it’ll turn fully off immediately. The Ascent show additionally comes incorporated with wireless connectivity so you can install brand brand new programs and updates from the software. It’s available in black, white, stainless, graphite steel, copper, and red, and contains a warranty that is 10-year.

Test by Test

Here’s everything we discovered as soon as we compared the 2 models head-to-head:

Icy beverages: To observe how well blenders handle making smoothies, our testers whip up piña coladas, then empty the blended combination through various sieve sizes to test what number of items of good fresh good fresh fresh fruit and ice stay after mixing. Both blenders rate Excellent here, serving up fruity drinks by having a smooth, consistent texture. Because of this test, it is a draw. You’ll get margaritas that are great matter which blender you get with.

Puréeing: because of this test, we blend natural components right into a soup that is puréed pour it by way of a sieve to see just how many chunks stay. Both blenders can purée parsley, carrots, along with other firm vegetables in to a soup that is slurpable. But, the Vitamix earns a somewhat greater rating—an Excellent vs. Ninja’s extremely Good—meaning the soup is got by it silkier.

The Vitamix’s fast-whirring blades additionally create enough friction to warm up cool natural ingredients while mixing, making hot soup immediately. It out, we got piping hot soup in 5 minutes when we tried. The Ninja? Forget it: It can’t manage such a thing hot. Components should be cooled to space heat before mixing. If you’d prefer purГ©eing soups, you’ll be happier aided by the Vitamix.

Ice crushing: We place seven ice in each blender and pulverize them to observe how fine and uniform the ice gets. The target: tiny fine flakes, for which a blender gets a rating that is excellent. Well, neither the Vitamix nor the Ninja made the cut for the rating that is top. Nonetheless, they both make his response ratings of good in this test, meaning the ice seems like that which you’d see in a snowfall cone, with small chips that are uniform. That’s pretty good, plus it’s another draw.

Noise: Both blenders are noisy—as blenders have a tendency to be—scoring middling Good ranks in that test. In reality, maybe maybe not just a single one associated with almost 70 full-sized models in our ranks scores an exceptional for noise. It’s another tie involving the two blenders, but we could scarcely simply simply just take them to task, considering none associated with the suggested models in our ranks score much better.

Convenience: Our testers discovered both blenders become pretty convenient when it comes to exactly how effortless these are generally to completely clean, how simple it really is to put from the blender container, exactly just exactly how clear the settings and markings from the container are to see, in addition to fat associated with the container. The Ninja comes out somewhat on the top having a rating that is excellent additionally the Vitamix trails simply behind with an excellent rating—testers discovered the markings in the Vitamix container to be a bit difficult to read.

Reliability and satisfaction: Vitamix and Ninja had been the sole two brands to get exemplary ranks for predicted reliability, predicated on our yearly CR user survey. Many brands get just a moderate Good rating for expected dependability. Vitamix additionally earns a excellent score for owner satisfaction, and Ninja prices great. Therefore Vitamix owners are somewhat almost certainly going to suggest their blenders to other people.

The Winner

Those two blenders are almost throat and throat within our tests. The Vitamix ratings slightly greater to make soup, but Ninja rates just a little better for simplicity of use. They’re tied up when you look at the icy beverages, ice crushing, and sound tests. Vitamix arrives a tad better into the study information, too, with a rating that is excellent owner satisfaction. And its particular warranty persists a whole ten years. Nevertheless, even though your Ninja blender breaks, you can purchase three more and nevertheless are presented in underneath the cost of one Vitamix.