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He served with me on the aforementioned Task Force and is nationally known for his expertise in medication assisted therapies (MAT’s). Joe Buttler is the clinical director and comes to us with over 40 years of experience in the field. Joe is known throughout the state for his expertise in training clinicians, especially running internship programs. Jass Pelland is the compliance officer and has 30 years of experience on the front lines. There are a few other well known figures and experts that I’m in discussions with about joining our team. I’ve hired a number of clinicians that I’ve worked with in other places, as well as a handful of my former students. Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs and fluorescent lights contain very small amounts of mercury in the form of a vapor powder.

Harmony Place has addressed Covid-19 fears for clients and staff by implementing proactive measures. We utilize existing spray chemical disinfection methods such as the hydrostatic sprayer mentioned here. In addition, we have instituted all County and State mandates on masks, 6 feet distancing, temperature logs, hand washing, face shields, and approved PPE by the CDC. At Harmony Place Drug Rehab Center Los Angeles, our emphasis on individual therapy and strong aftercare planning serve to strengthen the opportunity for long-term recovery.

In addition to storm events, the shoreline has experienced ongoing erosion over the last 35 years. While shoreline change patterns oscillate between erosion and accretion, most of the shoreline in the project area has experienced erosion. In many locations erosion rates average more than one foot per year and in one area of Conference House Park they reach an average rate of more than three feet per year. He is the past president of the American Society of Addiction Medicine .

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As Operations Manager for Reconnect, Karina oversees the daily operations of our facility which includes supervising the Front Desk staff. In addition, she is also the Health and Safety Officer, the Human Resources Coordinator, and the Domestic Violence Coordinator. In her role she also provides support to the Clinical Director, Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, and the Billing Department. She loves using this alcohol detox modality in her trauma work as she has witnessed healing happens as a result of bringing awareness to the wisdom within a client’s body. She interned under the guidance of Bonnie Goldstein, Ph.D. at Lifespan Psychological Center. Rhona has previously worked in the field of child abuse and neglect, foster care, and domestic and international adoption, including work with multi-racial and non-traditional families.

Oxygen therapy is implemented by means of a low-level chemical apparatus to improve blood gas ratios which increase detoxification and tissue oxygenation to aid healing. They have the education and expertise you need to navigate through the process of buying or selling a home. From listing at the right price to making the best offer, our Executives have witnessed the best – and most regrettable – decisions homeowners and homebuyers can make. Let our accomplished Executives help navigate you through the process of buying or selling a home.

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Dr. Viviana Suaya is a Los Angeles psychiatrist with more than two decades of experience in pediatric, adolescent, and adult psychiatry. She and her professional team are committed to providing patients with the very best of care, using expertise and compassion to achieve the best possible outcome for each patient. Jorge is a University of California Economics graduate with a computer science, finance and investment background. He has over 30 years of experience managing investments internationally for high net worth individuals, Non-Profit Institutions and Pension Plans.

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Our staff listens, they care, and they are passionate about helping every client. Our choice-based approach empowers our clients to choose their own destiny, giving a hand up to lasting independence. Young and abstract logo design ecosoberhouse rehab boston Fresh and young logo design for non profit multidisciplinary experts on social impact of AI, working on bringing people together. Modern and minimalistic, featuring abstract human figure inside crystal-like structure.

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To find an outlet near you, please visit and use the search function for your area. Ottawa County residents can recycle four and eight foot fluorescent light bulbs at any Ottawa County Resource Recovery Service Center. Schools, homes, health care facilities, and businesses may have mercury containing devices such as barometers, thermometers, sphygmomanometers, mercury switches and elemental mercury. Please call for instructions on proper handling of mercury and to arrange for disposal. Each year, thousands of gallons of used motor oil is produced by do-it-yourself oil changes. Improper management of used oil can have detrimental effects on the environment. As little as one quart of oil can contaminate 2 million gallons of drinking water!

The patient and the physician decide if ozone therapy is the correct treatment at this time. Autovaccine therapy can be a more thorough and comprehensive treatment.

Rhona has presented at conferences and spoken on the subjects of adoption and foster care on NBC television and KPCC and KABC radio. Rhona also worked as a school therapist in the Santa Monica-Malibu school district with children and families presenting with anxiety, panic, depression, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, family violence, and adjustment issues.

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Raising over $23,000, Roses for Recovery is an annual event where guests dress to impress and gather on the day of the transitional living iconic Kentucky Derby. The event includes local food, drinks, raffles, auctions, friendly competitions and more.

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Her therapeutic process is person-centered and strengths-based, drawing upon creativity, warmth, and humor in each clinical relationship. Lisa Schwartz is a California state licensed acupuncturist and herbalist specializing in treating emotional trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain and headaches. Janice became a therapist after seeing for herself the transformative effects of psychotherapy. She knows firsthand that EMDR and TRM are indispensable in the treatment of trauma. Having worked with children and adults, she is committed to helping clients increase the vitality in their lives. Through helping them increase their ability to be present in the moment, rather than distracting themselves by obsessing over their pasts or their futures, clients to experience the ordinary of their lives as extraordinary. Her specialties include teaching Mindful meditation, treating clients with addiction through helping them to identify triggers for their unhealthy behaviors, and helping clients overcome their problems of anxiety and depression.

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The signal is weak in these enclosed areas, and the radiation is greater. Avoid using the cell phone in congested areas where a number of people are using cell phones. Visit a physician for assessment rehab ma of any health issues or organ damage. You need a baseline from which to judge future exposure and success of treatments. For the sake of your health, call the Environmental Health Center-Dallas at .

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The breakwater system will include approximately 2,400 linear feet of breakwaters. The breakwaters will be located between 790 and 1,800 feet from shore and in water depths of between two-and-10 feet below mean low water . The project approach to storm wave attenuation is to focus design for storm wave attenuation in areas where existing structures and infrastructure are susceptible to wave damage from high-intensity / low-frequency storm events. The design storm considered is the 1% annual chance (100-year) storm event with 30” of sea level rise. Using this transformed wave data, the wave attenuation performance of the Living Breakwaters was studied using hydrodynamic wave modeling. Today, the Raritan Bay lacks not only the oysters, but the complex habitat their reefs provided and the species richness and biodiversity that they supported. Without these natural systems, the shore of Staten Island remains exposed to wave action and coastal erosion.

Ottawa County residents can recycle used oil or any other automotive fluids at any Resource Recover Service Center. If you are not sure whether your–Professional-Services/280522-EcoSoberHouse.html items qualify for recycling, please call or email for more information. tailored to each person’s own needs, situation, conditions and abilities.


Technologists and technology corporations are pushing to saturate your home, community, and car with radiation from “wireless” technology-in complete disregard of the known health hazards. Care must be taken in bringing cleaned or mold and mycotoxin remediated items into a new environment. To prevent the risk of mycotoxin contamination of the new environment, only a few items should be brought into the home at one time. Repeated mold and mycotoxin testing can help insure that the new environment remains free of contaminants.

  • Under her guidance, Soleah assisted with clients of all ages, health concerns and backgrounds.
  • As program coordinator, she works closely with the clinical director as well as clinicians to ensure that clients are assigned the best possible schedule.
  • She began her holistic health career in 2004, as an assistant to renowned holistic chiropractor Dr. Eileen Kenny.
  • Soleah’s curiosity about health, community, and service allowed her to apply her lifelong passion for helping people uncover and rediscover their wholeness.
  • Soleah Nicolis found her way into the wellness field because of her own personal healing journey.
  • Virginia Recovery Homes offers a safe, sober, and structured living environment for individuals who want to embrace a life of Recovery, free from the use of alcohol and other drugs.

Elizabeth Seymour, MD is a family and functional medicine physician who joined the staff of the Environmental Health Center in 2015. She learned, witnessed, employed and experienced the techniques and knowledge of Dr. Rea as together they examined patients. If you are experiencing unexplained symptoms, and you live in close proximity to the wells, we can investigate this process as a possible cause of your health problems. Two families in rural North Texas are suing the oil and gas companies. One family experienced a bad smell in the home with methane erupting from a shower head and burning skin upon contact with the water in their home.

Gina is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Massachusetts and is currently working towards obtaining California licensure. She continues to maintain an active connection with the arts as a way to support both transitional living her personal and professional development. Each of us possesses the inner wisdom to guide our unique healing journey. Gina utilizes compassion, attunement, and mindfulness to help connect with this wisdom.

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These are only a few of the molds, the 400 mycotoxins, and the health effects which can be created by exposure. Below is a list of molds, their mycotoxins and their health effects.